These monthly sessions focus on the beautiful ‘energetics of Yoga’ for the Woman’s body specifically. The sessions are an opportunity to be together as Women, to relax and release into a sacred space where nothing is required of you but to BE exactly as you are in the moment. The space will be cosy, nourishing and just waiting for you to arrive, settle & let go.

Offered here is an APPROACH to yoga practice that honours the ever-shifting, changing landscape of the female inner experience. No matter where you are in the timeline of your life, in the timeline of your menstrual cycles, whether they are easy, challenging or perhaps you are peri or post-menopausal, or even if you have never practiced yoga, the content of these afternoons together will be accessible and nourishing for ALL women!

The sessions are soft, wholesome & spiritual. *Spiritual* in the sense that we ‘come home’ to ourselves through tuning into our inner knowing & connecting to the subtle energetics of our bodies.

There is no “traditional” ASANA (the yoga poses). Instead we favour non-traditional, gentle movement (accessible to all ages), breathing, sensing, listening into ourselves, being & moving slowly. All of the practices can take place in your preferred choice of position, be that laying down, sitting up, sitting on a chair or standing.

There will be Sound Healing, Mantra Lullaby, Breath Practices, Ancient Healing Movement Sequences (not yoga poses), Restorative Yoga, & Yoga Nidra.


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