Saturday November 3rd 2018 9-4.30pm £80
St. Andrews Hall, Limpsfield Chart, Surrey

Join us for a rich, potent and balancing day of physical, mental and emotional enrichment through Yoga, (enriched by Elemental Philosophy / Traditional Chinese Medicine) and with Joyful Circle Singing, Community, Trauma-Informed Bodywork & a Non-Violent Communication Informed Workshop on Grief, Loss and Mourning.

9.00am – 10.45am VINYASA ‘SLOW FLOW’ YOGA (Emma Cole)
Welcome, Opening & Autumnal Flow: A deep, potent and mindful practice, focusing on supporting the energy of the Lungs and the Large Intestine (the organs associated with Autumn in Traditional Chinese Medicine) This session with Emma Cole includes Asana, Pranayama and also explores the themes of:

Releasing the old
Flowing instead of Resisting
Santosha: (Sanskrit word) Surrendering to and allowing inner peace and joy regardless of circumstances

10.45am TEA BREAK

11.15am – 12.45pm NON-VIOLENT COMMUNICATION SESSION (Rik Midgeley)
An interactive session in which participants are invited to explore a bodily held perspective of grief, emotional stagnation, the gentle art of letting go and how developing a radical loving relationship with the self supports our ability to accept, digest and integrate painful experiences. This session will include meditations and participatory exercises.

12.45-2pm LUNCH 

2.00pm – 2.45pm CIRCLE SINGING  (Emma Cole)
Uplifting, joyful, energising, connecting activity as a group: Simple rhythms, simple melodies & singing in unison for fun with Emma Cole

2.45pm – 3.00pm EMBODIED SELF-CONNECTION (Rik Midgeley & Emma Cole)
Following on from our NVC Session, we will explore and experience self-connection through mindful movement (Qi Gong based) and Somatic Yoga.

3.00pm – 4.15pm RESTORATIVE YOGA AND YOGA NIDRA (Emma Cole)
Focusing on radical self-care, self-empathy, deceleration, gathering in, letting go & getting ready for hibernation

4.15pm – 4.30pm CLOSING CIRCLE MEDITATION  (Emma Cole)
Revisiting Santosha, Checking In.

Autumn is the season of letting go & when Nature shifts into a different, slower gear. With Autumn there is also a sense of gathering in after harvesting our Summer experiences to absorb that which has been nutritious and to eliminate that which does not nourish our growth and inner peace. This time of year is often mingled with a sense of loss and mourning as the light begins to fade, the air chills & we become more reflective.

It is a prudent time for humans to fortify our energies. We can do this by supporting our lungs and respiratory system through ancient yogic breath practices (Pranayama), a mindful yoga Asana practice that nourishes the subtle energy body (pranamaya kosha) and through the true, conscious, deep rest that helps us to sink into a safe, liminal space (in-between wakefulness and sleep) and allows our sub-conscious to heal and recalibrate

It is also a great time to gather together in the spirit of community to touch lightly and warmly upon the themes of grief, loss and mourning that arise so very naturally as we pass through the cycles of our lives. Consider that grief and mourning may not always be epic; it can also be present in in the tiniest instances, such as breaking your favourite mug! 

These emotions are a completely natural part of our daily existence but we have been conditioned to negate, shut out or feel shame about them. We often do not give space for open digestion, expression & integration of these emotions. This does not contribute to our developing real, true balanced resilience.

Coming from the position of Non violent communication perspective we invite all taboo feelings to be acknowledged, however big or small, to be embraced and normalised in order to enrich and liberate our sense of inner well-being.

‘We are made to be accompanied!’ – Ceri Buckmaster (NVC trainer)