Day of Bliss Retreat

Sunday, September 1, 2013
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Woman Sitting in Park

Relax, restore and renew

Where: Woldingham Garden Village Peace Centre

There are some great views around the day retreat venue and we hope to get outside in the sunshine to do some Tai Chi / Qi Gong surrounded by Nature. Outdoor meditative movement is very nourishing and evokes inner harmony – My favorite poet Wordsworth conveys the magical healing quality that nature has upon the human heart/soul in his poem ‘The Tables Turned’.

Example Timetable for the day (please note, the order of events may change):

10.00am – A VERY GENTLE FLOWING YOGA CLASS: With a soft pace to harmonize and soothe mind and body.

11.15am – YOGA NIDRA: A guided and extended Savasana / Relaxation / Conscious Sleep to calm brainwaves, recharge your battery & rejuvenate your being on a cellular level.

11.30am  – EXPLORE YOUR TENSION, LEARN HOW TO RELEASE AND LET IT GO: A discussion and experiential exploration:  ‘Where do we really hold tension in our body?’. You will be given exercises to identify potentially unexplored areas of tension within your body, thereby increasing your physical awareness and strengthening your mind/body connection. You will then learn about specific ‘tension releasing’ points on the body and administer self- massage techniques as well as practicing basic shiatsu massage techniques on one another. (Shiatsu Massage is a fully clothed massage technique using gentle finger/hand pressure)

12.15pm – TEA BREAK (Chai, Herbal, Normal Tea, biscuits, fruit provided)

12.30pm -1.30pm – A SHORT OUTDOOR WALK TO A PLACE OF NATURAL BEAUTY TO PRACTICE BALANCING QI GONG & MINDFUL MOVEMENT INSPIRED BY 5 ELEMENTS: Practicing gentle movement in nature has enormous benefits! Experience the nourishing benefits of the 5 elements of Earth, Water, Wood, Fire and Metal according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (the foundations of Shiatsu Massage and Qi Gong). If it rains these beautiful practices can be done inside and Emma will take more time with you to explore the 5 elements though discussion and practice to the ‘sounds of nature’.

1.30 – 2.30pm  – LUNCH (Please bring a packed lunch), TEA , DIGESTION & SANGHA (Community/Socializing) – This will take place in a pleasant, humble, ‘Eastern Lounge’ type atmosphere (cushions, incense etc ) created by Emma.

2.30pm – MEDITATION AND PRANAYAMA (Breathing Exercises). A fascinating and informal teaching session on the scientific benefits that meditation brings about in the brain and in the physical body. Gain a deeper understanding about how the breath works to focus the mind.  Expand your knowledge and find inspiration to begin/continue the life-enhancing practice of medition.

3pm – MINIYOGA FLOW: To gently prepare the muscles and joints for seated breathing exercises.

3.15pm-4pm – PRANAYAMA, SEATED MEDITATION, RESTORATIVE YOGA POSES, HEALING MEDITATION (Laying Down): Prepare for the final phase of deep rejuvenation with an undisturbed combination of calm, restful and blissful exercises.  Journey within to a place of deep, sacred stillness and inner peace.




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