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Delicious and Comforting Workshops & Day Retreats For WOMEN of ALL ages!

Women’s Yoga is a practice for women of ALL ages, at ANY stage of their life and new-comers to yoga would feel very at ease on a retreat like this as the practices are very simple and the environment is very accepting, supporting and nourishing.

A day like this may also be very helpful and supportive for women who are trying to conceive, pre/post natal, pregnant women, women who have experienced surgery or trauma, women who are peri-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal women.

Women’s Yoga (inspired by the wonderful wise woman that is Uma-Dinsmore Tuli Phd) is essentially a radical ‘approach’ to Yoga Practice for Women. This approach celebrates natural feminine principals such as intuition, flow, vitality, creativity, self-expression, sensuality, nurturing, nourishing and surrender – all of which have a very positive healing effect on the ‘whole’ person. This day retreat invites you to embody the aforementioned qualities through the practices of Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Mantra, Movement, Bandha, Meditation, Deep Relaxation, Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra. ( Don’t worry if you don’t recognise these yogic words – you don’t need to know what they mean to come along – Emma will explain everything)

Women’s Yoga is like a delicious elixir for stress, tension, exhaustion, indifference, depression, grief, loss of identity and personal crisis of any kind. It is a Therapeutic Yoga Practice in which the body is deeply engaged with rather than imposed on, thus restoring the self to a place of tender intimacy. Intuitive wisdom is promoted and we work elementally with watery, earthy energies of creativity, fluidity, nature and fertility.

“Emma has such a way that makes everything so fun, interesting and natural!”  
Cathryn Gilbert – Graphic Designer
“I have gone from all my life, hating my time of the month and also what happened to my body during two emergency births  – to really appreciating my womb, what it’s been through and what it’s capable of!” Anonymous – Mother
“This is a pamper day for the soul! An opportunity to reflect and rebalance”  
Michelle Paparazzi – Women’s Yoga Day Retreat Guest
“Thank You for re-introducing me to me and helping me reconnect and respect the wholeness of me with all my ups and downs. Factory settings restored!” 
Yvette Malinson – Busy, Working Mum
Emma has this wonderful knack of helping you to relax and be grateful – no matter what is happening in your life at that moment in time’ 
Lesley Miller – Grandmother



Deeply relaxing and remedial: Slow down, be still, unwind, let go.

While for some a power yoga class may seem like the way to go, for others a gentle restorative class may be optimal.

Restorative Yoga focuses on relaxing the body in restful postures with the aid of props. Note that ‘rest’ is different from sleep. Rest gives the body an opportunity to renew and heal. Countless studies have proven the physical and emotional benefits of this.

The poses in this class are all passive and supported by belts, bricks and bolsters to provide maximum comfort for all body parts to rest and let go of tension. Each pose requires around 5-10 minutes hold time for the body to open and to allow the whole person to have a sense of settling into the pose.

The workshop contains long peaceful pauses of delicious silence and beautiful phases of gentle atmospheric sounds. Poetry and Imagery is also used to evoke the healing powers of the imagination and to connect with nature, the heart and the beautiful things that make us human.

“For the last pose we lay on our backs with our hearts opened by the workshop. As I let go, tears just poured out of my eyes. The release was so powerful I have no words to describe it…I drove home with a feeling a calmness that had eluded me for months” Restorative Yoga Guest