What is Spiritual Sculpt?

‘Spiritual Sculpt’ is a Vinyasa Flow Yoga based exercise system, combining Emma’s love for the science of bio-mechanical instruction (to affect change in the physical body) along with rich offerings of the spirit (to take you into and beyond the physical, towards a state of ‘bliss’, ‘healing’ or ‘peace’)

Spiritual Sculpt classes are accented by Emma’s individual movement style, and defined by her personal exploration and experience of the beauty, grace and freedom of heart-led movement.

Developed by Emma since 2009,  Spiritual Sculpt is influenced by her Dance, Yoga & Meditation training with leading instructors, and integrates her great passion for music, imagery, imagination and poetry.  Creative sequences promote graceful movement and deep connections between the mind and body, in sync with music and breath. Emma also draws upon her experience practising Skinner Releasing, Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique. The balance between Emma’s bio-mechanical and somatic instructions creates the opportunity for participants to connect with their own body on both subtle and gross levels.

Spiritual Sculpt offers two types of class which both provide specific results: To tone, sweat, strengthen, energizing, detox and uplift choose Spiritual Sculpt ‘Strong’. To un-wind, slow-down, release tension, de-stress, heal and relax, choose Spiritual Sculpt ‘Gentle’.


A thorough Yoga Workout. Expect to Tone, Sweat and Purify. For people with a good level of fitness.

Spiritual Sculpt ‘Strong’ is a rigorous yet soulful Vinyasa Flow Yoga practice integrating the rigorous aspects of dynamic Yoga with the soft fluidity and grace of Dance, the mindfulness of Meditation and Emma’s love of poetry and visualization.  Expect to sweat, sculpt & burn calories whilst leaving with a deeper sense of life-affirming wellness, peace and relaxation.

The class will be challenging from the start but modifications will be offered for all levels! The class sequencing builds safely, intelligently & progressively. Whatever your ability, you will be nurtured to work at a level that is suitable for you. If welcomed, Emma provides skilled & sensitive hands-on assists to refine alignment and help you go a little deeper.

These classes keep moving and build stamina. Towards the end of the class, sequences begin to slow down and poses become increasingly still and deep. At this stage, the body is very warm and muscles are more receptive to stretching, allowing deep relaxation and increased range of motion and greater flexibility.

SPIRITUAL SCULPT GENTLE: Slow, Mindful & Meditative

A soulful Yoga flow to gently energize, breath deeply, release tension and unravel. Suitable for all levels including beginners.

A Gentle Hatha Flow Yoga class that feels like a breath-focused, slow moving meditation. Deeply absorbing and stress busting, this class is suitable for beginners or for those with experience who prefer a soothing, calming and soft style of Yoga. Movement is mindful, pleasant and flows slowly enough to allow time for poses to unfold gracefully and peacefully whilst at the same time, offering mild challenges. Yin Yoga Poses, Restorative Yoga Poses, Guided Meditation, Breathing Exercises and Relaxation are also woven into these classes from time to time.

About Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is originated in the teachings of the great Yogi Tirumalai Krisnamacharya, who is often referred to as the ‘father of modern yoga’. The fundamental principle of Vinyasa Flow Yoga is the use of ‘breath and movement in combination’: An inhalation is carried out with a movement, followed by an exhalation with the next movement, creating a steady, rhythmic flow of poses linked together in a smooth and harmonious way. For the practitioner, the ‘uninterrupted flow’ of breath and body creates a state of ‘deep absorption’, the body is engaged and the mind is calm yet focused.