“I’ve never experienced a yoga class quite like that, it was wonderful! It’s so lovely to be challenged and at the same time watered”
Mary Aitken
“The most amazing energy and flow in a Yoga class I have ever experienced”
Sam Taylor Personal Training
“Your classes are such a lovely mix of grace, power, flow with a spiritual depth which really allows you to get into your breath & really feel connected with the yoga.
Jeanette Mahoney: Massage Therapist
“Just wanted to say thank you for an awesome Yoga Nidra last night. I felt so rested slept really well and it sorted my lower back out too.”
Annabel Kerley
“Dearest Emma, Thank you once again for a beautiful class. You have such a gift for creating a concept, imagery and taking the body through a delicious journey, preparing it for the stronger work and making it always feel so much better at the end. I absolutely thank you for sharing your knowledge. I wish I could come every Tuesday”
“I can’t thank you enough for such a beautiful workshop. I felt completely put back together after that – you are a star and have such a gift for putting exercises together that just work so holistically. I have had a back-ache for literally about 8 weeks now and last night it was completely gone”
Suzanne Wooder: Pilates Teacher
I was reflecting on our classes this morning during my commute. So many good things came to mind… you are, by some stretch, my favourite yoga teacher. To list some things that I reflected upon:
– all your advice on handstands and forearm balances (I’ve seen much improvement);
– your head and neck massages are amazing;
– your over excellent physical adjustments;
– your anatomic knowledge and interpretation offering sound advice on asanas;
– the overall yoga experience is un-surpassed;
– I enjoyed when you engaged me in somatic perceiving – I found the observational perspective you inspire extremely instructive, and enjoy your positive comments, for example: ‘Next time, we shall explore where your centre of gravity is in the handstand’…Looking forward to the next class. As ever”

Quintin Du Bruyn
“Emma – I think you are an amazing teacher, creating a wonderfully warm and open space to practice in and am really impressed with the individual attention you give – you are really tuned in to everyone’s individual needs and that is a true skill. Also, I really appreciated the time you took with me before the class to prepare me safely and thoroughly in my pregnant state, and then for trusting me to take responsibility for my practice and not wrap me in cotton wool!”
Nicola Ireson
“I just had to say thank you for your passion, you are SO passionate – It’s like an energy coming off you – thank you it’s really beautiful and makes me feel so good in class ”
Claire Joiner
“I just wanted to thank you for the class on Saturday, it was one of the loveliest and deepest classes that I’ve ever taken”
Judith Naylor – Yoga Teacher
“Hi Emma I just wanted to say a big Thank you for the nurturing & supportive holding space that was womb yoga with you & the wonderful ladies (& little baby girl – precious – her presence I think really added to the magic of the class & as a single mum still breastfeeding a toddler I found it really touching to be sat next to her and her mum) I so needed that chance to stop and reconnect and commune (loved your words) I was stuck in a loop and although I am not there yet I have begun to unwind – thank you so much. My little boy starts nursery on a Tuesday in January so hoping once he is settled I can come to your classes again”
Michaela Bull
“I really loved the Womb Yoga Workshop Yesterday, thank you so much! I still feel amazing and got so much out of it”
Rebecca Cootes